LockDown Outdoors Hunting Products

Our company started out with cardboard hog decoys. Testing both in the field and with the amazing Hawgstopper traps, we were able to perfect the foam decoy you see today.

This lead to our lightweight and incredibly effective 3D hog decoy, and LockDown Outdoors was born. We now sell the worlds only 3D Hog Decoy. The impressive results have even government agencies purchasing our products!

Two years later conceived the LockDown Scent System, creating deer attractants and scent covers in a way never before seen. Our Scent System will revolutionize the way you hunt!

Our LockDown Scent System includes a 3 oz bottle with a patent pending scent delivery system. We use 100% US farm raised deer and boar urine, and our cover and attractant scents are created with all natural ingredients guaranteed to get that buck’s attention!

Our ProStaff

Jamie "The Owner" Wilhite


“The Owner”

Jamie Wilhite started out testing cardboard prototype decoys for his hog hunts and we now sell the worlds only 3-D hog decoy.

When we decided to use deer scents in a way no one had seen before, LockDown Scents was born.

As avid hunters, effectiveness is a priority to us. We never hit the woods without LockDown Outdoors products.

Candy "The Boss" Wilhite


“The Boss”

Candy loves hunting with her husband and showing their little girls the outdoors and all it has to offer.

She started out testing LockDown Scents and was the first to video our prototype.

Her passions are family, friends, and the outdoors.

Butterbean Bailey duck hunting


Jerry Bailey is from the great state of Texas and has been with us from day one.

Hunting or fishing Butterbean has been a great friend and guide.

He tests our products all year long and is hoping we have many years of hunting ahead of us.

Scotty "HAVOC" Atkin


Scotty Atkin is a killing machine. If it walks by him in the woods and he has an arrow in his Mathews bow, it WILL die.

His passion is bow hunting, but he will sling lead at a hog here and there.

Come along for the ride and watch HAVOC drop ‘em dead!!!

American flag - Proudly Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Order now to see what our LockDown Scents can do for you!