The LockDown Difference + New Product

Use our unique sponge tip to apply scent to any surface or simply hang the bottle and let the scent continuously drift in the air!

And to keep YOUR scent from drifting in the air, use our NEW Field Spray Dirt Scent on all your clothing and gear!

LockDown Synthetic Doe/Heat. Legal in most states.

LockDown Outdoors Doe / Heat

That buck will walk straight toward the powerful Doe/Heat this season and right into your crosshairs.

Available in either Synthetic or Natural, our Doe/Heat is the only product with a sponge applicator and an open and close valve to blast scent for hours. You can wipe our products on anything and leave scent where you want it.

Then hang it up to blast scent into the air. Our products have no aerosol or spray tips so the scent never gets on your hands or in your face when in the outdoors plus is great for the environment. LockDown Synthetic or Natural Doe/Heat is all you need when the rut is on!

We use 100% US farm raised deer and boar urine. Our cover and attractant scents are created with all natural ingredients guaranteed to get that buck’s attention!

American flag - Proudly Made in the USA

All of our products are proudly made in the USA.

Our custom LockDown Scent System has a unique scent delivery device not seen anywhere else on the market! No smelly hands here!

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