LockDown Earth/Dirt Combo


Includes LockDown Outdoors Earth and our new LockDown Outdoors Dirt Field Spray. This is a deadly combination of cover scents offered at an amazing price! LockDown Dirt 14oz, LockDown Earth 3oz.

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Our most powerful cover scents! Includes:

LockDown Outdoors Earth

LockDown Earth Scent CoverĀ uses an easy but effective scent delivery system. To use, simply remove cap and apply pressure onto a surface to activate the sponge applicator. Next, wipe the sponge on trees, rocks, stands, or anything else in your hunting area. After application, hang the bottle in your hunting area with the attached cord. The sponge will constantly wick scent into the air. After use, wipe the sponge clean and replace cap. LockDown Earth Scent uses all natural products and is bottled in the USA. This scent cover provides powerful results in the field! 3oz

LockDown Outdoors Dirt Field Spray

LockDown Outdoors Field Sprays are designed to cover human odor in a convenient spray bottle that can easily pack in your hunting gear. We utilize natural, water-based ingredients to effectively mask human scents with the smell of dirt. Add LockDown Earth scent to further camouflage your scent. 14oz