Natural Dominate Buck plus Wick N Drip Applicator



The all NEW WICK N DRIP is a game changer for drip systems. We now offer a refill for your WICK N DRIP that comes with 3 oz of LockDown Natural Dominant Buck and a fresh applicator. You simply remove the old applicator by placing the small bag over the used applicator and twist off. The applicator will now be in your bag. Pour the 3 oz of LockDown Natural Dominant Buck in the WICK N DRIP bottle and place the new applicator on top of the bottle and press down until applicator is flush. Applicator is now active and will leak. Press down on the desired tree you are hanging the bottle on. Liquid will start to flow slowly for up to 5-10 days depending on weather patterns. Create mock scrapes or simply use to cover scent and attract deer. Place all trash in the bag provided for disposal.